From zero royalties in 2008 to 260 today, our team has put in thousands of hours reviewing investment opportunities with strict criteria in order to curate one of the best royalty portfolios in the world. Today, we have 39 assets in production with more in development, providing both stable cashflows and an exciting growth trajectory.

Ready. Set. Grow.

Sandstorm has come a long way since Nolan Watson and David Awram co-founded the company in 2008. We're proud of the extraordinary growth Sandstorm has experienced so far, making it one of the largest gold royalty companies in the world. We're continuing to build on this success and are expecting even more growth in the next few years. In fact, Sandstorm's estimated portfolio cash flow* is expected to increase to approximately $184 million* by 2025, making it one of the best growth profiles of any gold streaming and royalty company. And thanks to our large growing portfolio, more assets may come online over the next few years.


Gold $1,800/oz, Silver $22/oz, Copper $4.00/lb. Cash flows from operating activities attributable to the Company’s operating segment excluding changes in working capital. Historical figures are the cash flows from operating activities attributable to the Company’s segments (found in the Segmented Information note in the financial statements) excluding changes in working capital (found in the Cash Flow Statement). Assumes closing of the Hod Maden gold stream transaction, BaseCore Transaction, Nomad Acquisition and Horizon Silver Stream and Royalty transactions. See press releases dated February 17, 2022 and May 2, 2022.


*Cautionary Note

Operation: Exploration

Savvy investors like mining stocks because they know that exploration success has the potential to turn average returns into incredible returns. That’s why exploration upside is a major focus of our due diligence process. Our technical team targets large prospective land packages managed by experienced teams with proven exploration success. As a result, many of Sandstorm's mining partners continue to drill hundreds of thousands of metres each year, discovering more ounces of gold on their properties and extending the life of their mines.

522,000 Total Metres Drilled

Teaming with Experience